Horty is an adventurer who abducted Professor Foxe with a sky carriage just before the events of Game 1. It was revealed in Game 4 that he and the rest of his adventuring party were hired to kill him, but instead opted to kidnap him and recruit him for an expedition into the Mournlands.

Horty is a stereotypical half-orc—hotheaded, passionate and violent. He was also an extremely formidable opponent for Level 2 Monster Squad, and easily the most fearsome member of his group.

In the campaign

Horty made his first appearance in Game 1 when Monster Squad was heading to Morgrave University to meet Professor Foxe. Horty was briefly seen on the edge of a rapidly descending sky carriage, with an overjoyed expression on his face, with the rest of his companions further in the back. Apparently, Horty was an adrenaline junkie who got a thrill out of nearly crashing his vehicle. This sort of behavior endangered lives, prompting Monster Squad to pursue him and his allies. The chase ended when Horty and co. flew out of sight from Monster Squad.

Horty made his second appearance in Game 4, when Monster Squad raided the abandoned warehouse in an attempt to find Professor Foxe. He charged at Jareth with his warhammer and nearly succeeded at killing him after a bloody brawl, only to be knocked unconscious by Balasar. Following this, his adventuring companion named Betty decided to talk about a peaceful solution to the conflict. Horty remained unconscious for the peace talks. He was last seen being revived by Betty and being taken out of the warehouse, presumably to receive medical treatment before the journey. Although badly wounded after the encounter, he is likely still alive.


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