Iados is relatively small-scale crime boss who deals in a bar in Lower Menthis called The Wench’s Chalice. On one fateful day, Iados got into a bar fight with some drunkards, which ended when a hardy dwarf by the name of Ulfgar intervened. Iados, seeing an opportunity to manipulate a hapless buffoon with no other friends in the city, employed Ulfgar as a street tough. Ulfgar proved to be useful enough that Iados instructed him to become a mole for the Sharn Watch, a job which Ulfgar continues to this day.

Relationship with Ulfgar

Ulfgar is totally unaware that Iados is a criminal, and Iados likes to keep it that way. Whenever Ulfgar has any doubts about any of the jobs he gets assigned, Iados will just tell him that whoever’s getting wronged is a bad guy, and it’s okay to do bad things to bad guys.

Although Ulfgar believes that Iados is his best friend, the tiefling views Ulfgar as little more than a capable minion who doesn’t think for himself much. Still, Ulfgar has proven useful, so Iados maintains the illusion that he thinks of Ulfgar as a friend.

Meanwhile, the rest of Monster Squad is only vaguely aware of Iados as the man who supplied Ulfgar valuable intel for the Sharn Stomper case.

In the campaign

During the events of Game 1, Iados met with a client named Berito for a business meeting. Berito offered to pay Iados a very hefty sum for a relatively simple job—get rid of the Sharn Watch guard patrolling Forgelight Towers during the night. Iados accepted, and passed the job to his newly minted mole, Ulfgar. The cunning tiefling scrawled a note in Dwarven to Ulfgar instructing him to find this guard and take their shift for them, then not show up to work. He then handed this note to Gileon, who gave it to Ulfgar the following day. Unknown to both Ulfgar and Iados is that Berito was a thug who used a construct colloquially known as the Sharn Stomper to slaughter 11 people in a hostel.

Although Berito provided good business, Iados didn’t entirely trust him, so he tracked him down and found out that he was hiding out in Toranak’s mausoleum. This information proved useful to him when a confused and disgusted Ulfgar walked through his office door the night after the incident Ulfgar pleaded with Iados to give him information regarding who hired him to get rid of the guard at Forgelight Towers, citing that whoever hired him to do it was a “fucking maniac.”

When Iados heard that Berito was involved with the Sharn Stomper, he decided that Berito was too unstable and brutal of a client to be associated with. The tiefling, seeing a way to make money, made a deal with Ulfgar. Iados said that he would reveal everything he found out about Berito, but in exchange, Ulfgar would have to take out Berito and his psycho pals, and allow Iados’ cronies to loot the mausoleum for ancient Dwarven goodies. Ulfgar agreed to the deal, at which point Iados held up his end of the bargain and Ulfgar promised to deal with the Sharn Stompers the next day.

However, there was a wrinkle—Ulfgar couldn’t convince Zixzax (who only knows Iados as “Ulfgar’s friend”) to allow Iados to loot the place. Eventually the team compromised and decided to give Iados the sky carriage that Berito and his pals had, but forbade him to loot the mausoleum.

In game 11, Captain Saltay revealed that Toronak’s mausoleum was plundered, likely meaning that Iados disregarded Monster Squad’s agreement.


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