Krag is an ogre who worked for Professor Foxe as an apprentice mage. He is thought to be in league with various criminals, including a gang of goblins called The Quiet Folk and an Elven necromancer.


According to Foxe, Krag was selected as his personal assistant because Morgrave University wanted to produce the first ever ogre wizard, undoubtedly giving the institution some renown. Krag proved to be capable at memorizing certain spells and recipes, but was a total disaster at making something new with the information he learned.

At some point, Krag got in contact with The Necromancer and agreed to come to his lair. Monster Squad speculates that he took the Professor’s “Control Rod” in order to deliver it to the Necromancer, who would use it to generate portals throughout the city.

In the Campaign

Monster Squad first met Krag during their very first mission to visit Professor Foxe regarding the portals appearing throughout the city. They found him on the first floor of Foxe’s tower, attempting to repel some magma-like substance from a portal. As Monster Squad approached the distressed ogre, some imps emerged from the magma to attack them. Through teamwork, Monster Squad was able to put down the monsters and rescue Krag.

When questioned about the Professor’s whereabouts, Krag claimed he had no clue.where he was or who took him. When he noticed that Balasar found the Control Rod, he demanded that it be returned to him, a request that Monster Squad complied with. Following a brief round of questioning, Monster Squad parted ways with the blue-skinned Ogre, so they could rest for the long day ahead of them.

In game 4, it was revealed by Betty that a similarly blue-skinned ogre by the name of Olag put out a bounty on Professor Foxe. Following this revelation, Krag was put under suspicion by Monster Squad.

In Game 10, the team found Krag’s home, which was an unusually comfortable residence for some one of his stature. The house was filled with Elven weapons and art adorned on the walls, which Jareth was interested in stealing. Monster Squad found a few helpful clues in his house—first, there was the flier for a bank in Sharn. Visiting the bank confirmed that Krag had indeed stored something there, but as of Game 14 is unclear what.

The team also managed to find the remains of a burned note, with the surviving words and passages being: “Cog,” “Quiet Folk,” and “servants will guide you.” It was later confirmed that Krag had ventured to the Cogs to find a group called “The Quiet Folk,” a gang that was comprised of goblins and hobgoblins. He had apparently paid off the Quiet Folk to lead him to a building deeper in the Cogs and to kill anyone who tried to ask about his whereabouts.


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