Professor Foxe



Professor Foxe is an esteemed scholar who works for Morgrave University, and is known for being the resident authority on portals. It is for his knowledge that Monster Squad was tasked with questioning him about the portals appearing throughout the city. He had an apprentice named Krag, whom the university assigned to him so he could train the first ogre wizard ever, a decision that Foxe was not pleased with.

In the campaign

Monster Squad’s first assignment was to locate Professor Foxe and ask him about the portals randomly appearing in the city. Unfortunately for Foxe, he was abducted by a group of adventurers before Monster Squad arrived, prompting a missing person’s investigation. As Monster Squad later found out, an ogre by the name of Olag had placed a bounty on his head—however, the group that had captured him had no intention of killing him. They merely wanted to recruit him so he could aid them in their journey to the Mournlands. During this time, Foxe considered joining these adventurers, particularly after he entered an intimate relationship with their spellcaster named Susana.

Before these adventurers were ready to leave Sharn, however, Monster Squad was able to find them, and made their attempt to rescue the kidnapped Foxe, ensuing a deadly brawl between the two parties. After fighting to a standstill, the two parties began to negotiate for peace. Ultimately, both the adventurers and Monster Squad allowed Foxe to decide for himself whether or not to resume his duties at Morgrave University, knowing full well another hit party might come for him, or head with the adventurers to the Mournlands. Ultimately, Foxe settled on the former (albeit with some regret) and agreed to help out Monster Squad deal with the troubles in his own home city.

Following this incident, he became an ally of sorts for Monster Squad. His services were needed again in game 5, when the team needed to enter a magical realm to save the souls of some foolish university students. Foxe gave them some information regarding spells of this nature and agreed to watch them while their bodies remained separated from their soul.

In game 9, the team approached him again to ask for more information regarding the portals in the city. It was during this meeting that the team learned more about Krag and why he was at Morgrave University. In addition, Foxe also revealed the true purpose of the Control Rod.


Games 4-6, 9

Professor Foxe

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