Ulfgar Ironfist


Mountain Dwarf Fighter



After Ulfgar made a major mistake during the war that compromised his clan’s silver mine, he was forced out of the clan until he was able to retrieve the lost funds (but this was basically exile since nobody expected him to do that). Ulfgar took up a nomadic life of wandering, taking the odd job, searching for treasure without much luck, until he arrived in Sharn. While there, he got involved in a bar fight to help some Tiefling by the name of Iados, who Ulfgar thought was being unjustly bullied.

As it turns out, Iados was a small-time crook, who took Ulfgar under his wing. Iados used the simple-minded dwarf as raw muscle in various criminal activities—robbing houses, mugging, fighting rival criminals. Anytime Ulfgar voiced some moral qualms about the nature of their activities, Iados would just assure Ulfgar that they were just going after “the bad guys” and thus it was okay to harass them.

Eventually though, Iados got ambitious—he wanted Ulfgar, his simple-minded pawn, to join the Sharn Watch. After all, the Watch is notoriously corrupt—knowing the inner workings of the Sharn Watch is the key to see where the money flows in this city. The plan is that Ulfgar will report everything he experiences during any given case, the names of everyone he works with—Iados wanted to know anything and everything about the Watch’s inner workings. Then he can put together who the Watch stays away from, and who to get money from. Iados never had a chance at joining the Sharn Watch since he’s so feeble (and a Tiefling), and he didn’t trust anyone else to not turn on him when they got powerful enough. But Ulfgar? He was too gullible to betray him. When Iados told Ulfgar that he would have the chance to get some “real cash” and make him “the second richest man in Sharn” Ulfgar couldn’t refuse. This could be the chance that he was always hoping for to repay his debt to the clan! So, like a good little minion, Ulfgar ended up joining the Sharn Watch, thinking that he was going to fight the bad guys and get a chance to satisfy his debt.

In the campaign


Games 1-14

Random Facts

  • Is known for getting the last hit on a multitude of creatures, such as the Displacer Beast, The Sharn Stomper, and most recently, the Spectator

Ulfgar Ironfist

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