Dandelion (or “Dandy”) is an adventurer who helped abduct Professor Foxe before the events of Game 1. It was revealed in Game 4 that he and the rest of his adventuring party were hired to kill him, but instead opted to kidnap him and recruit him for an expedition into the Mournlands.

Dandelion is the bard of the group who was more skilled at playing the lute and seducing ladies than actually participating in combat. Charming as he was, his people skills were useless on the no-nonsense Monster Squad, who were able to intimidate him into revealing the location of his teammates.

During the great brawl in the abandoned warehouse, Dandelion tried to flee from the scene rather than try to fight.


Game 1

Dandelion made his first appearance in Game 1 when Monster Squad was heading to Morgrave University to meet Professor Foxe. Dandy was briefly seen on a rapidly descending sky carriage. Apparently, one of his companions, the half-orc Horty, was an adrenaline junkie who got a thrill out of nearly crashing his vehicle. This sort of behavior endangered lives, prompting Monster Squad to pursue him and his allies. The chase ended when Dandy and co. flew out of sight from Monster Squad.

When the team finished investigating Professor Foxe’s tower, they concluded that Dandelion and co. were the primary suspects, since they had the means to attack from the air.

Game 2

Dandelion was next seen in Game 2, singing at a bar called the Laughing Pirate. The group visited the place, shortly after getting the information that he frequented the bar from a halfling in charge of sky carriage rentals. When Dandelion’s act was finished in the evening, he retired to his bedroom with a waitress named Wendy.

While painting a portrait for her in his room, Dandelion heard a group of people (Monster Squad) murmuring something just outside his door. Sensing trouble, Dandelion fled the room out the window. He was able to get a few dozen yards away from the tavern, but ultimately failed to get away from the quick Jareth, and was quickly apprehended and bound with rope.

Game 3

Dandelion was then escorted to the station, but not before Monster Squad was attacked by a band of thugs in Dura called the Red Skulls. The Red Skulls demanded money for safe passage in Dura, but when Monster Squad refused, a fight broke out. Dandelion, who was left unattended during the attack, attempted to remove his restraints and escape from the scene. Ultimately, he was unsuccessful, and continued following Monster Squad until they reached the station.

The bard spent the evening being questioned and intimidated by Monster Squad until the two parties came to an agreement: Dandelion’s sentence would be reduced if he escorted Monster Squad to their location.

Game 4

The following morning, Dandelion completed his end of the bargain, but for reasons outside of his control, a fight broke out between Monster Squad and Dandelion’s friends. Outside of giving a rousing speech to Horty, Dandelion spent most of the fight trying to find a good hiding spot.

When the fight was over, Monster Squad and Betty began hashing out peace terms. Ultimately, the adventurers were allowed to leave Sharn to complete their quest (under the guise of being “exiled”), while Monster Squad was told why the adventurers abducted Foxe. Dandelion didn’t participate in these negotiations much, but he did sweeten the deal for Monster Squad by offering the 500 gp that was tucked away in his hat. Dandelion was last seen leaving the warehouse, presumably to pursue his quest.


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