Dune Bonedoom


Dune Bonedoom is a hobgoblin, and one of the men in control of the Quiet Folk gang in the Cogs. He seemed to be high-ranking member of the game, and the most physically formidable, but was not the chief. He used to wield a magical greatsword called Fire Chucker, which, when activated could produce a 15-foot cones of flame in any direction the bearer chose. The Fire Chucker belongs to Ulfgar now.


Prior to meeting Monster Squad in Game 11, Dune Bonedoom made a deal with the ogre Krag. It seems that the deal was that Bonedoom agreed to escort Krag to an old water purifier deeper in the Cogs and kill anyone who asked about his whereabouts, in exchange for a substantial amount of gold.

In the Campaign

Monster Squad first met Dune Bonedoom in Game 11. They had just been guided through the Cogs by Meepo, and were led to the Quiet Folk hangout The Squad asked Dune Bonedoom about any information they had on the ogre named Krag. Bonedoom informed the team that of the deal that he made with Krag, but let them try to negotiate their way out being slaughtered. Through much discussion, the team decided to make a deal with Bonedoom: Monster Squad will take out the Red Jackal leader, and Bonedoom will tell them where they led Krag.

However, Zixzax wasn’t comfortable with the deal, and instead forged an alliance with the Gravediggers in order to take Bonedoom prisoner. Although Monster Squad’s initial attack against the Quiet Folk failed, the second one succeeded, and the squad was safely able to capture Bonedoom after a bloody brawl that nearly killed Zixzax and Ulfgar.

After escaping from the Quiet Folk hideout and taking a long rest, Monster Squad interrogated Bonedoom, demanding to know where they led Krag. Although Bonedoom was hesitant at first, he relented and led the team to where he last saw Krag. In exchange for giving them this information, Monster Squad allowed Bonedoom to go free.

It is unclear if Bonedoom is still alive—he was left alone and weaponless, far away from home, making it fairly likely that he didn’t survive the journey back.

Dune Bonedoom

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