Gatsby's Glorious Party

Gatsby’s Glorious Party is ostensibly another realm of existence, whose inhabitants are trapped in an eternal party realm. Monster Squad had to visit the world in Game 5 to rescue several college students that were stuck there—two of them being Zixzax’s sons.


Entrance to Gatsby’s Party is entirely voluntary—all one has to do is set up a ritual circle, lie down on the ground, and say a phrase. Assuming one completed these steps correctly, then their soul would be taken out of their body and into Gatsby’s party. Once there, people will lose any belongings they had in the material world and their clothes would be replaced with formal attire appropriate for an aristocratic party.


If the current inhabitants of the realm are any indication, this realm has existed for hundreds of years. One citizen in the realm, an elderly gnome, claimed his body is likely already dead in the material world.

Many inhabitants are content with living here forever, and don’t really seem to notice that they’ve spent more than a single night at the party. These guests are often stuck with a permanent jovial temperament, and cannot be convinced to leave the party, nor do they seem capable of not enjoying themselves while there. Ulfgar attempted to crash the party by breaking the musician’s instruments and setting them on fire, but most of the guests were bizarrely fascinated by the spectacle.

If, for any reason, people want out of the party or attempt to persuade others to leave, muscular men will attempt to apprehend them. It is implied that these people get chained to a cell in the basement of the mansion where their soul will be slowly sucked out thanks to the mansion’s resident ghost.

Gatsby's Glorious Party

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