Monster Squad

Monster Squad is an organization created by the Sharn Council to eliminate any magical or paranormal threats plaguing the city. Previously, the Council hired adventurers to deal with these sorts of situations, but they were far too expensive and could not be kept on retainer. As such, the soldiers of Monster Squad work directly for the Watch and are paid on a normal watchman’s salary (a point of contestation for some members, given the danger of their work).

Its members consist of a Rogue Gnome named Zixzax Ayseal, a Dwarf Fighter named Ulfgar Ironfist, a Monk Elf named Jareth Woodwraith, and a Sorcerous Dragonborn named Balasar Smoulder. For more information on the individual members, click on their wiki pages.

Who’s in Charge?

Captain Saltay is in charge of managing Monster Squad and giving them assignments, though he is technically not a member of the squad himself.

Zixzax is the de facto leader and head accountant, chief PR representative, chief Law Specialist, and chief Material Acquisitions officer of Monster Squad, and is usually the most anxious to act as the Squad’s representative. However, his rank is the same of that of his teammates.

Money Problems

Each member of Monster Squad has nearly died several times over on the job, prompting Zixzax to request for additional funds to purchase things like silver weapons and a sky carriage. However, Saltay is very hesitant to pay up, largely because the primary reason Monster Squad was formed was to save the city money. When Zixzax sent a letter to Councilman Toronak requesting for additional funds, since they expunged the criminals from his family’s mausoleum, the politician refused, apparently even insulted by the request.

Saltay’s only suggestion on the matter is for Monster Squad to figure out a way to make money themselves. He praised Ulfgar for selling his official Watchman’s tabard to a random person as a way to raise funds, implying that Saltay believed that this was the way to go to get money.

Jobs Completed

During its first week in operation, Monster Squad has completed numerous cases. These include:

  • Finding and rescuing the scholar Professor Foxe (Games 1-4)
  • Finding and rescuing some college students who got trapped in some magical party realm. (Games 5-6)
  • Finding and apprehending the individual(s) known as the Sharn Stomper, a murderer who has likely killed dozens of people. (Games 7-8)
  • Killing a rampaging Displacer Beast (Game 7)
  • Killing a group of Hellhounds who abducted and tortured people (Game 9)
  • Defeating a group of Harpies who were slaughtering innocent cityfolk (Game 10).

Current Mission

  • Apprehending the ogre Krag for stealing a Control Rod and working with the criminal gang known as The Quiet Folk
  • Apprehending or killing the Necromancer for constructing and selling undead Warforged used in the Sharn Stomper killings

Monster Squad

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