Sharn Watch

The Sharn Watch is an organization devoted to protecting Sharn and its citizens from threats. Mostly, their duties consist of patrolling Sharn and arresting any potential criminals. The Watch only patrols certain areas of the city, however, particularly areas in which the rich reside.

Recently, the Sharn Council saw fit to create Monster Squad, a unit entirely devoted to killing magical or “paranormal” threats to the city. Previously, the Council hired adventurers to deal with these sorts of situations, but they were far too expensive and could not be kept on retainer. As such, the soldiers of Monster Squad work directly for the Watch and are paid on a normal watchman’s salary (a point of contestation for some members, given the danger of their work).

The organization is notoriously underfunded and understaffed. Patrols can only be seen in the wealthier districts of the city, and many members receive bribes from criminals, like the Boromar Clan (though it’s not clear how many).

In fact, many city folk don’t trust the Watch these days, considering there are some thugs who have managed to get their hands on Sharn Watch tabards, and use them to take advantage of people.

Members of the Watch include:

Monster Squad
Captain Saltay

Sharn Watch

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